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CSA "Sections"

CSA “sections”

More than one CSA member has suggested that the CSA develop sections, a little like the ASA does. We’ve had busy times at CSA since June around office re-organization, but for the first time now, as September nears its end, things seem more under control. I wanted to start communicating with the membership around sections.

How would we organize these? We need suggestions. First, it would be feeble to imitate the ASA and simply have “sections”, so we would need our own name.   The British association has “study groups.” The ISA has its “research committees.” What’s the Canadian term? “Research Communities”?   “CSA networks”? “CSA clusters?” Make suggestions.

I don’t think this should be top down, with the Executive Committee defining the groups. As I see it, the role of the Executive is to give this venture every support, if member desire it, but to take direction from the grass-roots. If clusters of members want to form around research interests, we can provide publicity through the E-Bulletin and via the direct e-mailings that we can now do thanks to the expertise of our Membership Manager, Sherry Fox. Previously our advice was that mass e-mailings were impossible due to spam filters, and so for the past few years CSA was not as visible as we would have liked. The new website is well equipped to support research clusters via the communications facilities you see along the top banner. The blog, the forum, the poll and the suggestion box can all be used in service of research clusters.   If members would like to seek out fellow-travellers using these resources, contact Luc Boyer, our webmaster and CSA Communications Officer lucboyer@sympatico.ca.

The floor is open, for discussion on research clusters at CSA!



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