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World Congress 2018 Toronto?

The CSA under Pam Sugiman and Monica Boyd bid on the 2014 World Congress of Sociology. This Canadian bid came second to Yokohama, Japan. According to Eric Chow from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, who partnered with CSA on the 2014 bid, ISA acknowledged that the Toronto bid was the best, but choose Yokohama to encourage Asian participation in world sociology. Eric Chow recently got in touch with the 2010-11 CSA executive to ask if we'd like to commit to a bid for 2018. It means making a commitment on behalf of a future Executive Committee, and for this reason we would need to know we had membership support before proceeding. Obviously, this could be a very exciting event for Canadian sociology. The last Canadian World Congress was in Montreal in 1998. Eric feels the time might be right for a return to this country. CSA would again partner with the Convention Centre on the bid, with some considerable finanical backing from the Toronto tourism department. We invite comments and views, either via the CSA blog, via e-mail, or by answering the question on this topic in the CSA poll. JG

Some Questions and Answers About the Possible CSA Bid for 2018 World Congress:

One of the members of the CSA Executive Committee raised a couple of good questions about the possible bid. I forwarded these to Eric Chow for comment, and Eric gave the following replies. This material may be helpful for members as we contemplate this issue.

Q: Will the event planner, funded from the City of Toronto contribution, be responsible for finding sponsors to generate the money that we'll need to bring the World Congress to fruition? Where and how we will find those extra funds is my main concern.

A: As part of the planning and budgeting preparation to host the ISA 2018 World Congress, the CSA would need to make a decision on hiring an event planner / professional congress organizer (PCO) and negotiating the most appropriate services contract with the event planner. Part of those negotiations may include fundraising responsibilities. For example if the CSA traditionally raises $X in sponsorship, the event planner / PCO can be contracted to raise additional funds above $X and receives a percentage commission on the funds raised above $X. The event planner / PCO may need some guidance from the CSA and the CSA membership to open some doors and some ideas about the types of industries and corporations who may have an interest in sponsoring the ISA 2018 World Congress.

Q: Another is that, should something like SARS blow up in our faces, is there insurance of any kind that would allow us to pay back the people who registered? (What about the possibility that we set things up only to find that too few people are going to participate?)

A: There is event insurance that can be purchased to mitigate the risk of SARS like events adversely affecting the ISA 2018 World Congress. For example: Marsh Canada offers a product called ExpoPlus. Please see the attached brochure for more information (contact Sherry Fox at office@csa-scs.ca for a copy).



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