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CSA Committees / ComitÚs de la SCS

Executive Committee / Comité exécutif

2013-2013 Executive CommitteeThe CSA Executive Committee is currently composed of 10 members. The members of the Executive Committee are the Officers of the Association, the Chairperson of the Editorial Board, Chairpersons of the standing Subcommittee, and the Communications Officer.  See the CSA by-laws and Handbook (currently under revision) for further details and background on the Executive Committee.

Le comité exécutif de la SCS est composé de 10 membres. Les membres du Comité sont les officiers de la Société, le ou la responsable du Comité éditorial de la RCS, les responsables des comités permanents (nommés par les membres des comités concernés), et l'Officier aux communications. Pour de plus amples informations, consulter les règlements généraux de la SCS

Members of the 2013-2014 Executive Committee / Les membres du Comité exécutif 2013-2014

President Patrizia Albanese Ryerson University
President Elect Linda Gerber University of Guelph
Past President Elizabeth Jane Ursel University of Manitoba
Treasurer Keith Warriner University of Waterloo
Secretary Mervyn Horgan University of Guelph
CRS Managing Editor Terry Wotherspoon University of Saskatchewan
Equity Howard Ramos Dalhousie University
Policy, Ethics and Professional Concerns Mark Stoddart Memorial University of Newfoundland
Research Advisory Neil Mclaughlin McMaster University
Student Concerns Katie MacDonald University of Alberta
Communications Officer Tina Fetner McMaster University











Subcommittees (Elected positions unless otherwise stated)

Research Advisory

Chair Neil McLaughlin McMaster University 2012-2015
  Sylvia Fuller University of British Columbia 2013-2016
  Janet Siltanen Carleton University 2013-2016

Porter Award (EC appointed)

  Sylvie Lacombe University of Laval 2013-2014
  Jim Conley Trent University 2011-2014
  Fiona Kay Queen's University 2011-2014
  Louis Guay Université Laval  2012-2015
  Doug Baer University of Victoria 2013-2016
  Karen Hughes University of Alberta 2013-2016
  Kara Somerville University of Saskatchewan 2013-2016


Chair Howard Ramos Dalhousie University 2010-2014
  Carl E. James York University 2013-2016
  Elke Winter University of Ottawa 2013-2016

Policy, Ethics and Professional Concerns

 Chair Mark Stoddart Memorial University of Newfoundland 2011-2014
  Amy Swiffen Concordia University 2012-2015
  Jane Pulkingham Simon Fraser University 2010-2014

Student Concerns (three members: eastern, central, and western)

Chair Katie MacDonald University of Alberta 2013-2015
  Chris Martin Memorial University of Newfoundland 2013-2015
  Aline Coutinho University of Ottawa 2012-2014

CRS Editorial Committee

Managing Editor Terry Wotherspoon University of Saskatchewan 2011-2014
Editor Rima Wilkes University of British Columbia 2013-2016
Book Review Editor Wesley Crichlow UOIT 2010-2015
Full listing of CRS Editorial Board 


Administrator Gary Barron University of Alberta 2013-2016
Technical Advisor Luc Boyer Laurentian University