Jul 252013

All participants (presenters, panelists, chairs, and discussants) must be members in good standing AND registered Congress delegates with the Canadian Sociological Association by April 15, 2016.   Those failing to comply will be removed from the Conference program.

Those planning to attend the CSA Conference as an observer only (i.e. neither Presenter, Chair, nor Discussant) are not required to be CSA Members and may therefore pay the ‘Non-Member’ Association Conference Fee.   Participants in joint or co-sponsored sessions may also be exempt.  Contact us for further information.

In summary, the two steps required to ensure that you have complied with the CSA-SCS Conference policies are as follows;

  1. Register as a CSA member or ensure your current membership is in good standing throughout June 3, 2016.
  2. Register as a Congress Delegate with the Canadian Sociological Association included in your Association Conference Fees.

The CSA will not be able to include a participant in the Conference Program if he or she has not complied with theses steps by April 15, 2016.

Guidelines to review:


En résumé, les étapes que vous devez suivre pour vous assurer d’être conforme aux politiques de la conférence sont les suivantes:

La SCS ne sera pas en mesure d’inclure dans le programme officiel de la conférence  un participant si celui-ci ne satisfait pas, au 15 avril 2015,  aux exigences en matière d’adhésion.



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