Nov 082013
Schedule and Location: Wednesday, May 28 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-400

Session Code: BoSt1
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)
Primary Session Category: Border Studies

Session Description: The literature on the displacement of borders is now vast. It covers the externalization of border controls through extensive visa regimes and international security co-operation, as well as their internalization through immigration raids and the limited access to services for people without status. Rejecting the view of borders as walls, most authors working in this field argue that borders act as filters, selecting who and what can circulate, how, and for what purposes.

Nonetheless, works in this field of research rarely engage with the boundary-making processes at play in this border work. The papers presented in this session will contribute to this field by focusing on the creation, application or questioning of state boundaries and categories as they relate to borders, mobility, and belonging.

We invite papers on a wide range of topics, including: the assessment of immigrants’ or visitors’ desirability (at the border, in visa offices), the legal and bureaucratic construction of race and nationality, the role of discretion in border and immigration control, the making of ‘national’ territories, the symbolic values of borders, competing criteria of belonging in borderlands, etc.

Session Organizer: David Moffette, York University, Sociology,


1.     Jane Helleiner  

Bordering and ‘Working Holiday’ Visas

2.     Mark Munsterhjelm   

 Beyond the Ban: The Subjectivity of the Karitiana Indigenous People as Abnormal Other in the Security Dispositif

3.     Maritza Felices-Luna  

Blinded by the Wall: Identity Construction and Belonging in Border Communities

4.     David Moffette  

To Regularize or Not to Regularize: The Development and Assessment of Regularization Criteria as a Form of Multi-Scalar Borderwork in Spain.

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