Nov 092013
Schedule and Location: Monday, May 26 3:30pm-5:00pm Vallee-499

Primary Session Category: Criminology
Session Code: Crim5
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description:

Employing philosopher Henri Lefebvre work on Urbanization and the Production of Space (1991) and sociologist Loic Wacquant’s work  Deadly Symbiosis: When Ghetto and Prison Life Meet and Mesh (2001). This panel examines how “prison” isn’t confined to the acres where correctional facilities themselves stand, but in addition how carceral geography (and its logic) spread beyond the confines of prison walls. The session will examine (1) how the “habitus” of living in TCHC prepares and socializes these men for prison and (2) how this imprisonment and repressive living conditions waeponizes their masculinity through prisonization.

Papers should address critical research including but not limited to: racial inequality and education, demonization of Black masculinity, weaponization and prisonziation of Black masculinity, school (re)segregation, the impact of Bill C-10 (the Safe Streets Act), critical gang studies, carding and racial profiling and approaches that address the intersectionality of racial injustice with policing Black & racialized masculinity.

Session Organizer: Wesley Crichlow, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Faculty of Social Science & Humanities,

Chair: Wesley Crichlow
Discussant: Livy Visano


1.     Wesley Crichlow  

Weaponization and Prisonization of Toronto’s Black Male Youth

2.     Livy Visano   

 Ideologizing Race, Rationalizing Racism and Racializing Space: Carceral Connections

3.     Tamari Kitossa  

Rats, Roaches, Predators and Other Vermin: The social zoological ‘science’ of eradicating the ghetto youth swarm

4.     Christopher J. Williams  

Gangs, Guns and Plenty of Pretense: The Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy

Full Abstracts

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