Nov 092013
Schedule and Location: Friday, May 30 10:45am-12:15pm Vallee-299

Primary Session Category: Contemporary Durkheimian Research
Session Code: CNDS2
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: This session will focus on critical and creative appropriations of Durkheimian discourses in comtemporary social theory. Given the recent attention to Durkheim’s cosmopolitanism, the session would welcome in particular, papers addressing contemporary critical cosmopolitan theory, and the Congress focus on borders and boundaries. Papers may also discuss:  metatheoretical issues of epistemology, ontology and normativity/axiology (e.g., Public Sociology; Social Justice);and critical syntheses of Durkheim and contemporary theory (e.g.,  Durkheim and: Luhmann; feminist theory; postcolonial theory; post-Marxism; psychoanalysis).

Session Organizers: Ronjon Paul Datta, The University of Windsor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology,

Chair:  Ronjon Paul Datta


1.     Matt Patterson  

Toward a New Materialism: How the Sociology of Culture Killed Culture and Why That Might be a Good Thing

2.     Katy Maloney  

On the elementary forms of religious life: durkheimian influence on Robert N. Bellah’s sociology of religion

3.     Jean-Sebastien Guy  

Durkheim on homo duplex and individualism: from medium/form to metric/nonmetric

4.     Bernard Bertrand  

Durkheim and positivism : myth or reality ?

Full Abstracts

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