Nov 092013
Schedule and Location: Monday, May 26 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-499

Primary Session Category: Criminology
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)
Session Code: Crim2

Session Description: The legal status of marijuana has been debated vigorously over the past few years in Canada. Proponents of policies that would allow individual possession of small amounts of marijuana argue that it is a relatively safe drug and that criminal sanctions against personal use and possession represent at worst excessively harsh and at best unnecessary penalties. Conversely, those who oppose liberalization of current laws contend that marijuana is not a benign drug, particularly in light of new medical information showing that marijuana shares many features with other dangerous illicit drugs. As well, it has been asserted that decriminalization or legalization of marijuana would trigger a sharp increase in use, resulting in significant increases in health, economic, and social costs. This session invites papers that explore the determinants of Canadians’ views on the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana or address the prevalence of marijuana and/or other illicit drug use among various subgroups in the Canadian population.

Session Organizer: Henry Chow, University of Regina, Sociology & Social Studies,

Chair: Murshed Hussain, University of Regina


1.     Stephen Gray  

Marijuana: The Year in Re- and Pre- View

2.     Nicholas Spence, Samantha Wells, Julie George, Kathryn Graham

 An examination of marijuana use among members of a Canadian First Nations community

3.     Henry Chow  

Legalization/Decriminalization of Marijuana: A Multivariate Analysis

Full Abstracts

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