Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Thursday, May 29 10:45am-12:15pm Vallee-400

Primary Session Category: Sociology of Immigration
Session Code: SoImm2-A
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: Upon migration, one’s identity is challenged due to environmental and cultural changes. The session will be focused on the formation process of diasporic identity based on cultural, spatial, and social circumstances in modern Canadian society.

Session Organizer: Shirin Khayambashi, York University, Sociology,



1. Shirin Khayambashi

Minorities among Minorities: Deconstruction of Diasporic Identity

2. Afsana Tabibi

The Impact of Culture and Experience: An Examination of the Educational under-Achievements of the Afghan Diaspora in Canada

3. Evelyn Amponsah

The Dispersal of Africville: Understanding Africvillians as an Exiled Diaspora in Canada

4. Negar Pourebrahim Alamdar

The Differential Impact of the Dominant Canadian Culture on Identity: Race, Gender and Diaspora

5. Catherine Ruth Holtmann

Contesting the Boundaries: Gender Roles and Immigrant Women in the Maritimes

Full Abstracts

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