Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Thursday, May 29 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-499

Primary Session Category: Rural Sociology
Session Code: RuSo1-A
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: These sessions focus on the creation of better sociological understandings of the dynamics of change and continuity in rural labour markets and the communities involved in the labour supply. Papers will be considered which focus on the ways in which labour is being sourced through new patterns of temporary and permanent migration, issues associated with lower levels of training and education opportunities of Canada’s rural population, the dilemmas facing potential workers and communities in areas where jobs are in short supply including the problems of investing in skills training in the face of economies with boom and bust cycles; gender and ethnic equity issues; and local/global conflicts over labour sourcing.

Session Organizer: Jennifer Jarman, Lakehead University, Sociology,

Chair: Jennifer Jarman


1.     Howard Ramos, Mark Stoddart, David Chafe 

Is Culture Enough? Assessing the tangible and intangible benefits of tourism around Labrador’s Battle Harbour Historic District

2.     Jillian Smith   

 When petro-capitalism comes knocking: Rural resilience and the Gros Morne fracking controversy

3.     Natasha Hanson  

Where have all the truckers gone? Rurality, agriculture, and the changing PEI trucking industry.

4.     Junrong Du  

Synthetic Effects of the Structuring of Rural Labor Markets in the Pearl River Delta, China

Full Abstracts

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