Nov 112013

Primary Session Category: Education
Session Code: Edu5
Session Format: Panel Discussion

Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 1:45pm-3:15pm Concordia Seminary


Session Description: For over three decades, institutions and systems of higher education have been remade according to the precepts of neo-liberal orthodoxy.   Equipped with cutting edge quality assessment and assurance technologies, professional administrators and productivity experts, and new funding arrangements, institutions and indeed whole systems of higher education have been re-tooled so as to increase the efficiency with which they put out ready-for-work graduates and path-breaking market-oriented research. The threats once posed by the neo-liberal program are now manifest.  Academic freedom; the decency and quality of working and learning conditions; public health and the public interest; and the quality of research have all been sacrificed at the altar of “efficiency” and “innovation”. For mainstream commentators these manifestations of neoliberal policy are often called the, “unexpected outcomes”, created by prudent, but nonetheless perfectible, policies.  Through the use of immanent critique, panelists will impugn such views, and in the process clarify what have been and will remain the hard limits and devastating impacts of neoliberal higher education and research policy agenda.  Panelists will also explore potential alternatives to the neoliberal program.

Janice Newson, York University, Sociology
Eric Newstadt, York University, Political Science
Jamie Magnusson, OISE, University of Toronto, Adult Education,
Kelly Holloway, Dalhousie University, Sociology, Faculty of Medicine
Chair: Claire Polster, University of Regina, Sociology and Social Studies

Contact: Kelly Holloway, Dalhousie University, Sociology, Faculty of Medicine,

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