Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Thursday, May 29 1:45pm-3:15pm Concordia Seminary SoCare2

Primary Session Category: Sociology of Care
Session Code: SoCare2
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: Through mobilization efforts, Canadian social movement actors have highlighted issues in care provision for those dependent on others, including the gendered nature of caregiving, in the hopes that this complex issue would be meaningfully addressed. However, the provision of high quality care services remains limited, care work continues to be marginalized and the supremacy of the market persists. This session seeks to bring together researchers studying links between gender, social movements and care from theoretical and empirical perspectives as well as those considering various socio-cultural and political contexts. The session aims to assess where we are at and how we can move forward in the development of a society in which the flourishing of those dependent on others is its most important task.

Session Organizers:
Rachel Langford, Ryerson University, Early Childhood Studies,
Susan Prentice , University of Manitoba , Sociology
Patrizia Albanese , Ryerson University, Sociology
Brooke Richardson, Ryerson University, Policy Studies



1.     Elizabeth Adamson  

Competing pressures, actors and interests in ECEC: Comparing the origins of in-home child care in Australia, the UK and Canada

2.     Rachel Langford, Brooke Richardson, Susan Prentice, Patrizia Albanese ,

 Reclaiming Care as a Motivation for Child Care Advocacy in Canada: Benefits, Challenges and Problems

3.     Andrea Doucet  

Genealogies and choreographies of care: Re-thinking gender divisions of domestic labour as a conceptual configuration

4.     Olga Savinskaya  

Private preschools in Russia: new movements versus new policies

Full Abstracts

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