Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 9:00am-10:30am Vallee-399

This session shares a time-slot with SoIn1

Primary Session Category: Social Inequality
Session Code: SoIn4
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: There are profound inequalities within Canada between First Nations, other Aboriginal, and non-Aboriginal people.  This session is open to both empirical and theoretical contributions on the relationships between Canadian settlers and original peoples.  Papers might explore lingering colonial patterns of governance which perpetuate inequality, or outcomes of historical policies.  Other forms of racism against First Nations and Aboriginal people could also be documented.  Inequalities referred to might be in terms of economic opportunities, economic outcomes, education, cultural supports, well-being, rights, community-capacity- investments, social services, political representation, access to resources, or any other relevant equity issues.  Both Sociological and interdisciplinary contributions are entirely welcome.

Session Organizer: Mary Ellen Donnan, Bishop’s University, Sociology,



1.     Mary Ellen Donnan  

Inadequate Housing of Aboriginal People in Winnipeg with Low-Incomes

2.     Carol Linnitt   

 From Recognition to Affirmation: Aboriginal Rights and Colonial Decision in Canada

Full Abstracts

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