Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 10:45am-12:15pm Vallee-499

Primary Session Category: Media Studies

Session Code: Mest1
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)
Session Description: As Joke Hermes notes “the media, in their capacity of informing us about the world, and as entertainers, show us an immense range of possibilities and practices of ‘doing gender’”  (2007:192). Media representation is important to gender politics because gender is a crucial structuring element of power relations in society. This session will focus on gender boundaries as they are drawn in the increasingly popular realm of food media. More specifically, papers in this session will explore how the contemporary or historical production and consumption of food media legitimates or deconstructs gender boundaries. We welcome papers that address different empirical or theoretical explorations of the ways in which masculinities and femininities are represented in food media, including (but not restricted to): social media, magazines, cookbooks, television, movies or literature.
This is a joint session co-sponsored by the Canadian Association of Food Studies.
Session Organizers:
Sarah Cappeliez, University of Toronto, Sociology,
Alexandra Rodney, University of Toronto, Sociology
Chair: Sarah Cappeliez
Discussant: Alexandra Rodney


1.     Kate CairnsJosée Johnston

The “do-diet”: Embodying neoliberalism and postfeminism in healthy eating discourse

2.     Sarah Cappeliez   

 Constructing the place of the female foodie self: culinary personas and the rise of food blogging

3.     Alexandra Rodney  

‘Life’s too short to count calories, carbs or fat’: Contrasting healthy eating discourses on healthy living blogs with those in women’s fitness magazines

4.     Edward Whittall  

The Ramsey-an Performative

5.     Jennifer Braun  

One Thing is For Sure, It’s Mom’s Fault: Examining Childhood Obesity Discourses in Canadian News Media

Full Abstracts

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