Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 9:00am-10:30am Vallee-500

Primary Session Category: Sociology of Technology/Sociology of Science
Session Code: SoTSci5
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: Many Canadians use the Internet every day. Although a clearer picture has emerged about who uses the Internet and how often, many questions about how the Internet affects society remain unanswered. How does the Internet affect social contact? How does the Internet affect family ties? How does the Internet affect community? This session invites papers that examine how the Internet has changed our everyday lives. Of especial interest are papers that take a critical view of the Internet and its effect on society. Also theoretical papers that address critical issues of Internet use are welcomed. The intent of this session is to highlight research in this area, particularly in the Canadian context.

Session Organizers:
Michael Haight, Western University, Sociology,
Anabel Quan-Haase, Western University, Information and Media Studies and Sociology



1.     Bill Blackstock  

Electronic Dance Music: Digital Technology and Subcultural Space

2.     Narges Valibeigi   

 Does the Internet Challenge Religious Authority? Analyzing Layers of Religious Authority on the Iranian Shiite Blogosphere

3.     Jean-Sebastien Marier  

From News Briefs to News Feeds: Ethical Issues Arising from the Use of Social Media by Journalists

4.     Anabel Quan-Haase, Andrew Nevin, Veronika Lukacs

Facebook Relations: An exploratory study of breakup practices and coping mechanisms

Full Abstracts

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