Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-499

Primary Session Category: Gender and Sexuality
Session Code: GS2
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: This session examines the complex role and experience of gender, family, and work in academia.  Specifically, this session explores how mothers work within the borders and boundaries of academia.  How are women constructed by/within academia as mothers? How do women who are also mothers experience academia? In what ways do academic institutions provide spaces of inclusion and exclusion to women with children, how do intersections of class, race, ability and sexual orientation work with mothering identity for inclusivity and/or exclusion in academic institutions?  We welcome narratives/auto ethnographies and other research papers that explore this issue in its complexity.  More specifically, this session welcomes, but is not limited to, papers on the following topics: mothering on the margins in academia; the invisibility of mothering in academia; representations of female faculty and administrators as mothers; teaching and doing mothering; inclusion and/or exclusion of female faculty members from faculty and/or administrative positions due to their mothering role; choosing/doing/balancing the “mommy track” and/or the “tenure track”; negotiating the “reproductive clock” versus the “tenure clock”; combining mothering, teaching, research, and service; attitudes entrenched in the academic environment and culture towards female faculty members who are/become mothers; accepting, negotiating, and/or resisting multiple ideologies and discourses including the “good mother” versus the “good academic” discourses, the “parent or perish” versus the “publish or perish” discourses, and the “mother guilt” versus the “academic guilt” discourses.  This session welcomes papers from an interdisciplinary approach, as well as from both a qualitative and quantitative methodological approach.

Session Organizers:
Caroline McDonald-Harker, Mount Royal University, Sociology & Anthropology,
Irene Shankar, Mount Royal University, Sociology & Anthropology



1.     Kristin Lozanski, Christine Lavrence 

Parenting princesses: Tales from with the belly of (Beauty and) the Beast

2.     Kelly Ruest  

 Climbing the Ivory Tower: On Emerging Adulthood, Marriage, Motherhood and the Construction of an Academic Identity

3.     Caroline McDonald-Harker  

Mothers in Academia: Negotiating the Discourses of the ‘Good Mother’ and the ‘Good Academic’

4.     Irene Shankar  

Off Track: Motherhood as Impediments to the Tenure Track Career

Full Abstracts

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