Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 3:30pm-5:00pm Concordia Seminary

Primary Session Category: Sociology of Family
Session Code: SoFam1-A
Session Format: Regular

Session Description: The focus of this session is on contemporary cultural understandings of motherhood and fatherhood, and the implications of these understandings for the experience of mothers and fathers. Papers are welcome which address social constructions of motherhood and/or fatherhood, as well as those which explore the structural factors that reflect, interact with, and reinforce collective subjectivity, and those which examine the experiences of mothers and fathers within current structural and cultural contexts.

Session Organizers:
Glenda Wall, Wilfrid Laurier, Sociology,
Gillian Ranson, Calgary, Sociology

Chair: Glenda Wall


1.             Ian DeGeer

The involved father and gender equity project

2.             Judy Beglaubter

Circumstances or ideals? Understanding parental leave use by Canadian fathers

3.            Gillian Ranson

Fathers as writers: the (global) sharing of fathering experiences through memoirs and blogs 

4.             Caroline McDonald-Harker

Without a home: The impact of environmental disasters on the family

Full Abstracts

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