Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 9:00am-10:30am Vallee-300

Primary Session Category: Theory/The Sociology of Sociology
Session Code: The1-A
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: For the third consecutive year, we invite papers in the field of relational sociology. In one way all sociological thinking has always been relational, while in another sense relational sociology promises a revolution in sociological thought.  Yet there is no consensus on what relations are, how to observe and measure them, or how they work. From a focus on relations as one type of social action or structure among others, to the use of relational concepts as a general epistemology for understanding all social practices, relational sociology means different things to different scholars. This session brings together papers oriented to relationality in diverse ways, to push forward the state of the art through dissensus and dialogue. Therefore we solicit papers on principles, concepts, methods, applications, advantages and limits of relational sociology. Included papers may address such topics as self-reflexivity, transactions, agency, interdependency, relational methodologies, and relational social structures or mechanisms or processes, interdisciplinary connections, and the implications of relational thinking for critical theory, amongst other possibilities.

Session Organizers:
Christopher Powell, Ryerson University, Department of Sociology,
François Dépelteau, Laurentian University, Department of Sociology

Chair: Chris Powell


1. Hugo Neri

Searle’s Language Theory As a Possible Solution for Hidden Problems on Max Weber’s Knowledge Conception and His Social Action

2. Jean-Sébastien Guy

From relation between actors to relations between actions: the difference metric/nonmetric in Weber

3. François Dépelteau

Durkheim, social things and relational sociology: fundamental ontological confusion?

Full Abstracts

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