Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Monday, May 26 9:00am-10:30am Vallee-599

Primary Session Category: Identity Studies
Session Code: ID1
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: The intent of this session is to critically examine the conditions that allow us to maintain a coherent self-identity, while also attending to the times when our carefully constructed identity borders break down or are otherwise challenged. Most of us are clear about whether we identify as male/female/other, heterosexual/queer, able/disabled, black/white/other, etc. It is often (but not always) fairly easy to know where to place ourselves with reference to these continuums. But why is it so easy to know how we fit into these categories? What keeps the borders in place, and under what conditions do these border-markers break down? Are the borders as fixed as some might want to believe? Are there other categories that we suspect are relevant to our own self-identity but into which it is not so easy to place ourselves because we don’t really know where the borders are? Why might it be difficult to define borders? Papers grounded in authoethnographic reflexivity are particularly encouraged, although papers of a less personal nature are also welcome.

Session Organizer: Sharon-Dale Stone, Lakehead University, Sociology,

Chair: Sharon-Dale Stone


1.    Randi Nixon  

Why Be Proud?: Thinking Through the Role of Pride in Identity and Politics

2. Laurel Falconi  

Working With Transgender People: Coworkers’ gender conceptions, expectations, and behaviours in the Workplace.

3.     Ailsa Craig, Rose Ricciardelli  

 Discursive Construction and Negotiations of Sexuality in Men’s Prisons

Full Abstracts

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