Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Friday, May 30 9:00am-10:30am Vallee-300

Primary Session Category: Sociology of Culture
Session Code: SoCul4-A
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: After Maurice Halbwachs began considering memory as a social and collective process, memory entered into Sociology as an object of study. How and what we remember emerge out of social processes that are constitutive in the structuring of families, communities and nations.  For this session, we are interested in papers that pose questions about the production, circulation and representation of social and collective memories.  Both theoretical and empirically-based papers are welcome. Relevant themes include: memory and trauma, postmemory and prosthetic memory, cultural screen memories, the relationship between personal memory and social history, as well as the various forms of collective nostalgias: imperial nostalgia, redemptive nostalgia, restorative nostalgia.  Submissions may also focus on representations of memory in art, architecture, film, literature, and other forms of popular culture. Reflections on the relationship between collective memory and questions of nationalism, gender, race, and other aspects of our social identities will guide this panel.

Session Organizers:
Tonya Davidson, Ryerson University, Sociology,
Pamela Sugiman, Ryerson University, Sociology



1. Mervyn Horgan

 All Adam and No Eve? Genesis Myths in the History of Canadian Sociology

2. Veridiana Cordeiro
The collective memory and individual memory notions in the Halbwachs’ theoretical writings
3. Duygu Gul
Turkey’s ‘coming to terms with the past’: Perils and Promises

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