Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-300

Primary Session Category: Theory/The Sociology of Sociology
Session Code: The2
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: As a “moral science,” sociology entails not only the analysis and description of social facts but also the (intentional or unintentional) promulgation of certain normative values, ideals, principles, and perspectives to an audience.  Distinctions between “fact” and “value,” “is” and “ought” present a unique challenge for social scientists, who are always already embedded in the social worlds they study, and whose work is often oriented to prescribing or mobilizing some form of social change. As well, debates surrounding the increasing prevalence of “public sociology” often hinge on questions of the extent to which sociologists should be “moralizing” or engaging in normative-ethical work.  This session invites papers concerned with the interrelationship between the social, the moral, and the social sciences.

Session Organizer: Robert Nonomura, The University of Western Ontario, Sociology,



1.     Robert Nonomura  

Is there a place for critical theory in the ‘new’ sociology of morality?

2.     Todd Hechtman, Sean Taudin Chabot 

 From Moral Blindness to Moral Phronesis

3.     Guila Benchimol  

The Sound of Silence: Examining the Moral Implications of the Silence Surrounding Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community

4.     Carolyn Szuter  

Applying Ahl’s Post-Structural Feminism to Gender Entrepreneurship Research in Java

5.     Jesse Carlson  

‘That is so Fucked Up’: Reflections on Contemporary Anti-Moral Moral Discourse

Full Abstracts

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