Nov 112013
Schedule and Location: Thursday, May 29 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-299

Primary Session Category: Visual Sociology
Session Code: VisSo1-A
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: Visual Sociology is a diverse field of study which gathers sociologists involved in visual studies and studies of the visual. As a relatively new discipline and methodology within sociology, including newly formed sub groups of the International Sociology Association and the British Sociology Association, Visual Sociology attracts growing numbers of scholars and students who are using visual methods, and/or interested in the production, use and dissemination of visual knowledge.  This session invites papers that seek the opportunity to share, exchange and develop ideas which are relevant to Visual Sociology to generate further discussions concerning the collection of  visual data in the field (in archives, photo albums, media, websites etc.) as well as the production of visual materials by the researcher (photography and documentaries) with an emphasis on methods of analysis of these data. With analysis of the socio-cultural locus of the visual, the key concern is how the visual is produced, used and disseminated, and how it intersects with the verbal and other means of communication and sensory experience.

Session Organizer: Gloria Nickerson, University of New Brunswick, Sociology,

Chair: Gloria Nickerson


1. Golshan Golriz

Political Activism through the Arts

2. Rima Wilkes

How do images of political conflict change?: Reading one image, over time

3. Deborah Davidson

Our Commemorative Tattoo Community Project: Creating a Digital Archive for Commemorative Tattoos

4. Kyler Zeleny

484 Manifestations of the Ordinary

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