Jan 172014

This is a Congress event scheduled for Wednesday, May 28 from 10:00am-12:00pm and is open to the general public and all Congress delegates.

Location and additional details

Increasing food production to provide food security to a growing population is one of the world’s great challenges. Not only is food security essential for the health and prosperity of individuals and populations, it is also linked to global security as food scarcity can cause conflict and migration. Increases in food production have been achieved in the past, but now scarcity of water, land and energy and the impacts of climate change increase the challenge.

As part of Genome Canada’s series GPS: Where Genomics, Public Policy and Society Meet, this multidisciplinary session will investigate the role of genomics in Feeding the Future and will facilitate a dialogue between researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders interested in GE3LS (Genomics and its Ethical, Economic, Environmental, Legal and Social aspects), policy and genomic-based innovations.

Sponsored by Genome Canada.

Genome Canada

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