Feb 092014

The study of development has been one the driving forces behind the discipline of sociology since its inception.  We invite all those with an interest in the sociology of development to attend our meeting concerning the formation of a Sociology of Development Research Cluster within the CSA.  The overarching goal of this research cluster is to bring together scholars from all perspectives who share an interest in the sociological study of development (broadly defined) at either the international, national or local levels.  We will discuss the specific objectives of the research cluster and the CSA guidelines governing its formation.


Andrew Dawson, Glendon College/York University, Department of Sociology (adawson@glendon.yorku.ca)

Liam Swiss, Memorial University, Department of Sociology (lswiss@mun.ca)

Schedule and Location: Tuesday, May 27 12:30pm-1:30pm Vallee-599

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