Feb 182014
Schedule and Location: Monday, May 26 1:45pm-3:15pm Vallee-500

Primary Session Category: Social Networks
Session Code: SoNet1-B
Session Format: Regular (Presentations and Discussion)

Session Description: Social networks are the basis of social boundaries, so highly relevant to this meeting’s theme. Papers relating networks to boundaries and/or inequalities are especially welcome.

Session Organizer: Bonnie Erickson, University of Toronto, Sociology, ericson@chass.utoronto.ca

Chair: Bonnie Erickson


1.     Randolph Haluza-DeLay, Steven Hoffman, Paul Lorah 

 Oil Sands Framing Rhetorics and Transborder Networks

2. James Iveniuk  

Social Networks, Role-relationships, and the Contextual Consequences of Personality  

Full Abstracts

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