Mar 242014

Schedule and Location: Thursday, May 29            8:15am-8:45am               Vallee-400

Members of the CSA are invited to attend this brief but important meeting to discuss the formation of a CSA cluster on the sociology of migration.  The objective is to develop a cluster that promotes information sharing, networking and research around the many topics found in the field.  These include diverse theoretical perspectives,  the collection and analyses of qualitative and quantitative data, and manifold areas of research, including but not limited to the political sociology of policy formation; internal migration; international labor migration within the context of globalization; global migration management; migrant detention, deportation and trafficking; transnationalization of social relations and identities; return migration and remittances; social, economic and political integration processes; enclaves and ethnic economies; precarious legal status and livelihoods;  the gender, racial and ethnic stratifications and differential inclusion of migrants in destination areas; the pathways of the 1.5 and second generations;  altered, hybrid and transformed identities; and the circumstances of temporary migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.


Monica Boyd, University of Toronto St. George, Sociology,

Patricia Landolt, Univeristy of Toronto Scarborough, Sociology,

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