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language_button frenchThe Conference Committee will communicate the results of the proposal review by Friday, November 14.  Contact us with any questions or concerns.

ATTENTION: If you submitted a proposal between October 22 and October 28, please contact us immediately at*

The 50th Annual Conference of the CSA-SCS will be held from Monday, June 1 through to Friday, June 5, 2015 as part of the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Congress this year taking place at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario.

The CSA-SCS Call for Sessions will be open from September 15th through October 31st, 2014.  We invite English, French, and bilingual session proposals to be submitted through our online system.

2015 Congress Theme:

Capital Ideas, the University of Ottawa’s theme for Congress 2015, will invite us to reflect on the power of ideas: ideas captivate our hearts and minds; ideas connect people and ignite discussions and debates; ideas create knowledge and spark discoveries. Ideas represent an invaluable currency capable of changing our lives and our world. Congress 2015 will be an exciting intellectual hub where ideas will be expressed, shared and implemented!

The theme also relates to the location of this Congress host in the national capital. As the seat of our federal government and of several national agencies, as the home of embassies and of a large number of international organizations, Ottawa boasts a unique environment rooted in the confluence of people and the intersection of ideas from all over the world. This promotes a rich diversity of perspectives and research activities; one significant area of interest is public policy, and it is our hope that Congress 2015 will generate stimulating exchanges on the links between research, policy and society.

Session Categories:

Session topics often fall into the categories listed below.  Interdisciplinary sessions and those with a focus on the Congress theme would also be of interest.

  • Applied Sociology*
  • Canadian Sociology
  • Children, Childhood, and Youth*
  • Communities
  • Criminology
  • Critical Sociology of Families, Work, and Care*
  • Durkheimian Studies*
  • Environmental Sociology*
  • Feminist Studies*
  • Gender and Sexuality*
  • Globalization
  • Indigenous-Settler Relations and Decolonization*
  • Law and Society
  • Media Studies
  • Political Sociology and Social Movements*
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Relational Sociology*
  • Research Methods
  • Rural Sociology*
  • Social Inequality
  • Social Policy*
  • Social Theory*
  • Sociology of Care
  • Sociology of Culture*
  • Sociology of Development*
  • Sociology of Education*
  • Sociology of Family
  • Sociology of Food
  • Sociology of Health*
  • Sociology of Migration*
  • Sociology of Organizations*
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology of Science, Technology, and Knowledge*
  • Teaching practice*
  • Urban Sociology
  • Visual Sociology and Methodology*
  • Work, Professions, and Occupations*
  • Other – please specify

Research Clusters:

*Several clusters have formed within the association.  Session proposals may be submitted as part of the cluster or independently.

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*Session proposals submitted after the October 31, 2014 deadline will only be considered if they are verified to have been originally affected by the technical difficulties.

Session Guidelines

Session Organizer Guidelines and Responsibilities