Call for Abstracts: Microsociological Perspectives for Environmental Sociology

Microsociological Perspectives for Environmental Sociology
Edited by Bradley H. Brewster and Antony J. Puddephatt
Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 10, 2014

We are accepting abstracts for consideration as possible chapter contributions for an edited volume with the unifying theme of microsociological perspectives for environmental sociology. This project already has a number of impressive
scholars committed to it as well as strong interest from an editor of a book series
published by a well-known academic press.

Environmental sociologists have spent a good deal of worthwhile effort
rethinking the classical macrosociological theories of Durkheim, Marx, and
Weber for developing environmental sociological theory. These and other more
macro-oriented theories in the field, such as treadmill of production and
ecological modernization, often receive significant coverage and prominent
representation in environmental sociology textbooks, readers, and handbooks.
While microsociological theories are valued in sociology, they have not been
given the same attention in environmental sociology. An edited volume
representing a diversity of microsociological perspectives for environmental
sociology would be the first such collection of its kind and help draw greater
attention to the relevance of microsociological perspectives for the field.
Our aim is to bring together a diverse collection of original work—some more
theoretically driven, others more empirically driven—by scholars who creatively
apply, draw upon, or develop microsociological perspectives to better study and
understand socio-environmental topics and issues. Examples of such
perspectives include symbolic interactionism, Goffmanian sociology, interaction
ritual theory, ethnomethodology, everyday life sociology, phenomenology, social
practice theory, social exchange/rational choice theory, and actor-network
theory, among others.

Abstract Submission Information: Abstracts should be 250-400 words and
include title, author(s), institutional affiliation(s), and 3-5 keywords. It should be
clear from your abstract how your envisioned manuscript would fit with the
unifying theme of the volume. Please submit your abstract by July 10, 2014 to You will be notified by July 17, 2014 whether your
abstract has been accepted. If accepted, your abstract may be included as part of
the book proposal to the publisher, which we expect to submit by July 20, 2014.
Direct questions to Brad Brewster at

Call for Abstracts, Microsociological Perspectives for Environmental Sociology

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