Call for Papers: Race/Ethnicity section for the Social Science History Association

Dear Colleagues,

We serve as co-chairs of the Race/Ethnicity section for the Social Science History Association (SSHA). The meeting is scheduled to take place in Toronto, Ontatio, Canada from November 6-9. Our theme this year is “Inequalities: Politics, Policy, and the Past.”

Our main goal is to structure sessions so that they explicitly draw on an interdisciplinary group of scholars who hail from different institutions. The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 14th, 2013. Note, all SSHA requires to submit at this point is an abstract. You can find more information at:, including the Call for Papers.


We are hoping to put together a number of sessions related to the conference site and date that were discussed at the planning meeting:


Canadian-Focused Political/Policy Issues

- Comparative Multiculturalism and Affirmative Action

    Particularly in Canada – Indigenous/First Nations vs. French vs. English

- Racial Classifications – Historic and Contemporary

    Canadian categories in the past and how they are understood today


Historical Anniversaries of Political/Policy Issues

- Haitian Revolution (1814)

- The Treaty of Berlin (1884-5) and the Partitioning of Africa

- Peruvian War of Independence (1824)

- Taiping Rebellion (1864)

- Beginning of WWI (1914)

- U.S. GI Bill (1944)

- Civil Rights Act (1964)


Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Political/Policy Issues

- Mass Incarceration

- Histories of Interracial Relationships

- Capitalism and Racial/Ethnic Niche Economies

- Comparative Policies on Race/Ethnicity across Americas

- Higher Education (possibly with Affirmative Action)

- Race and Health

- Race and sexuality

- Chicano moratorium


Politics/Policy and Migrations/Immigrations

- Racialization of Refugees

- The Underground Railroad

- Race and the State: Technologies of Governance

- Diverse Cities

- Citizenship and Racism

- African American Migration to Canada, during and following the

American Revolution

- Diasporas of Different Kinds

- Race and Migration, including Internal Migration

- Maroons, Maroonage & Rural Black Communities


General Topics on Race/Ethnicity, Politics, and Policy

- Racial Classifications – Historic and Contemporary

    Brazil (adoption of affirmative action style policies & politics and categories mobilized)

    Mexico (how they have changed over time)

    Comparison with the Canadian case (see above)

- Race and Radical Social Movements

- Black Radical Politics and Political Formations

- Diverse cities

- The Muslim Experience(s), Racialization of Muslims

- Race, the Environment, and Sustainability


Note that any of these could also be roundtables, which serve to promote discussion and sharing ideas a bit more than traditional paper sessions.


You are welcome to submit papers regarding any of these topics, or on a topic relating to your own research.  If you would be interested in putting together an entire session, let us know and we would be happy to provide you with details as to how to do this. Feel free to forward this call widely, particularly to graduate students (there is funding available for graduate students to travel to the conference which can be found at


Finally, please feel free to check our Facebook page, which you can find by searching for “Race/Ethnicity Network – Social Science History Association” or by following the link:


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email.



Joseph O. Jewell

Liz Onasch

Melissa F. Weiner

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