Call for Papers: Sociology of Science and Technology Network of the ESA


Organized by Research Network 24 – Sociology of Science and Technology Network (SSTNET) of the European Sociological Association (ESA) and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University, The Netherlands: 12-13 June 2014, Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Today, more and more public research funding is allocated via competitive, external and peer-reviewed mechanisms. This is accompanied by a fast growth rate in the number of scholars with academic career ambitions and a shift from tenure to temporary positions. In this turbulent environment, securing external research (projects and personal) grants has become prominent criteria in academic recruitment, evaluation and promotion processes in science.

In this two-day workshop we will discuss the impact of research funding on various levels and dimensions in the science system. For example, many EU-funded but also national research programmes require researchers to collaborate as a condition for securing research funding; they encourage collaboration with partners outside academia and they are oriented towards problems and themes not generated within science. These tendencies in public research funding as well as the growths of the private research funding are connected with the commercialization of science and an expansion of the entrepreneurial role of the academic institutions. The increasing presence of such types of research funding, therefore, may influence collaborative behaviour, the time frames of research, and the types of questions asked.
We particularly encourage contributions on the following topics:

  • Research funding policies & funding agencies in academia
  • Public and private research funding and wider impact of research
  • Public and private research funding and innovation
  • New metrics knowledge production and research funding
  • Research funding and culture & organization in academia
  • The impact of research funding on the recruitment & selection of scientists
  • Funding agencies’ impact on scientists
  • Research funding and research performance
  • Developments in research careers and funding of the research
  • The influence of research funding on the mobility of researchers within and outside science
  • Gender differences in science and research funding

However, potential contributions are not limited to these topics and contributors are also encouraged to suggest new perspectives.

Key dates:
An abstract of up to 500 words, containing an outline of the paper, including methodology as well as the expected contribution of the paper, should be submitted by e-mail to Inge van der Weijden:
28 March 2014: Deadline for submission
14 April 2014: Notification of acceptance

Workshop Organization:
Inge van der Weijden, committee chair:
Katarina Prpic, SSTNET chair:
Harald Rohracher, SSTNET co-chair:
Mattias Hellgren:

No fees are charged for participation and no funds are available to SSTNET to cover travel or accommodation expenses. Further information about the workshop venue, accommodation and useful details about host-city will be provided later

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