Call for Proposals for an Edited Collection: Alternative Criminal Rehabilitation: Arts & Physical Engagement

Dr. Janelle Joseph (Faculty of Education)
Dr. Wesley Crichlow (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities)

Our proposed Book “Alternative Criminal Rehabilitation: Arts & Physical Engagement” will bring together multiple perspectives on alternative rehabilitation as a contested and contestable space, and in doing so, highlight the complex interplay of social, creative, technical, economic and political factors that construct the landscape of alternative criminal rehabilitation today. This book will focus its attentions on the North American context and highlight the critical importance of arts, physical activity, and achievement for at-risk youth. We will detail how social media and digital technologies are essential for program development, sharing and evaluation. We encourage abstracts that analyze multiple dimensions of (in)justice within criminal justice, therapeutic, and educational contexts within frameworks that recognize the salience of social identities, including but not limited to class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and ability.

Anchored in empirical evidence, this book will provide case studies of innovative and influential rehabilitative interventions – from dance therapy, to music therapy, to mental health treatment through physical cultures. This comprehensive text will bring together a selection of internationally-recognised scholars to provide an overview for students and practitioners working in or concerned with Youth Alterative Criminal Rehabilitation models and best practices around the globe.

Alternative Rehabilitation Call for Abstracts Dec 31 – 2013: Full details

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