Commit Sociology T-shirts


Apparently, now is not the time to commit sociology.  The hundreds of sociologists about to gather at the University of Victoria for the Canadian Sociological Association’s Annual Conference beg to differ.

Contemporary Canada faces a range of social problems: rising income disparities, impending ecological catastrophe, creeping fundamentalisms-religious, national and market, persistent gender inequality, the erosion of public institutions, and a strand of anti-intellectualism amongst the country’s leaders.  Despite this, PM Harper says that we should not commit sociology. The Canadian Sociological Association asserts that we should!

As the professional association of sociologists in Canada we are committed to understanding the causes and consequences of all social problems.  If ever there was a time to commit sociology, this is it.

Join us in Victoria where we will be making available a limited run of ‘Commit Sociology’ t-shirts in a range of colours, and sizes for $20 (includes 5% GST).   See us at the CSA-SCS Conference Information Booth located at the University of Victoria, in the Elliott Building, E-100C.

Proceeds will support the activities of the Association, including Student Travel Grant Funding program.

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