Opportunities in Sociology: Available to order by Departments

The Canadian Sociological Association is proud to announce the publication of a new, up-dated version of Opportunities in Sociology, co-produced with UBC.  This exciting new pamphlet presents an easily accessible guide to labour market opportunities for students graduating with a BA in Sociology.  The pamphlet is designed with practical advice in mind and will be of interest both to students considering majoring in Sociology and students graduating with a Sociology degree.

The pamphlet consists of four separate sections:

1. An introduction to some of the unique skills that set sociology apart as a discipline.

2. An overview of the Canadian labour market and the types of jobs available to Sociology BA graduates.

3. An examination of how sociology students can best prepare themselves for the labour market.

4. An introduction, based on sociological research, of the most fruitful ways to conduct a job search.

Subsidized by the Association the cost of the pamphlet is as follows (with minimal orders of 50 and taxes, shipping and handling included):

  • 50 copies                               $37.50
  • 100 copies                             $75.00
  • 150 copies                             $112.50
  • 200 copies                             $150.00
  • 500 copies                             $375.00

Other multiples possible; $0.75 per copy (min. N=50)

Ordering is easy with an online form or alternatively, you may download and mail an order form.

Contact us for additional information.

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