The Glass Runway

*This was originally posted at Gender & Society” By Allyson Stokes Fashion design is an occupation where women far outnumber men, yet there is a widespread perception that gay men are the most successful. Scholars, journalists, and industry insiders have … Continue reading

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Women in the Culture Industries

  *This was originally posted at Work in Progress* By Allyson Stokes The Sony hacking scandal of 2014 has Americans talking about gender inequality. One of the notorious leaked emails revealed that the two female stars of the film American … Continue reading

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Managing conflict and rewards in postbureaucratic work environments: The case of songwriters

*This was originally posted at Work in Progress* By Kim de Laat Postbureaucratic work environments are flexible, project-based settings characterized by consensus-building. They are often hailed as an improvement over the rigid job hierarchies and inflexible working conditions found in … Continue reading

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What Celebrity Chefs’ Cookbooks Reveal About Inequality in Cultural Fields

By Alexandra Rodney Whether you’re channel surfing or browsing in a bookstore, it’s hard to ignore the presence of celebrity chefs and the cultural objects they produce across a variety of platforms. While we think of a chef as someone … Continue reading

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Local Culture, Place and Politics

by Diana Miller We’ve all heard physical spaces—provinces, cities, and even neighbourhoods—described with political or ideological characteristics; for example, as liberal neighbourhoods or conservative strongholds. Those labels obviously describe the people in those environments, and how they typically vote. But, … Continue reading

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Sustainable Amateurism: Music Careers in Folk and Metal

by Diana Miller   When we think of amateur musicians, most of us imagine a specific, linear career path: a self-taught performer who travels the open mic circuit and plays (probably for free) at whatever bars will have him. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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A brief Q&A with Shyon Baumann, incoming co-editor of Poetics

by Kim de Laat Shyon Baumann is a sociologist of culture and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto*. He examines how culture contributes to the re/production of inequality, with a specific focus on processes of evaluation and … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Publication Announcement: Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry

We would like to announce the forthcoming publication of Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry, edited by Nancy Duxbury, Will Garrett-Petts, David MacLennan. It is expected to be in print in November 2014, within the “Routledge Advances in Research Methods” series. This edited collection provides … Continue reading

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Precarious Labour and the Ethics of Tipped Work

by Diana Miller On Monday September 16th, hotel chain Marriott International announced its participation in a campaign called “The Envelope Please,” an initiative that places envelopes in hotel rooms to encourage guests to tip. The campaign is spearheaded by A … Continue reading

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Sociology of Culture Research Cluster

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Sociology of Culture research cluster in the Canadian Sociological Association. The research cluster will provide an institutional base within the CSA for this growing area of research, help co-ordinate Sociology of … Continue reading

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