2015 Post-Congress Update


Here is a brief update on the activities of the Sociology of Development Research Cluster of the CSA following our meetings last year in Ottawa. Here are a few brief notes from our meetings:

Sociology of Development at Congress 2015

We were fortunate in Ottawa to have four very interesting panel sessions on the last day of the CSA conference.  With 15 presenters, papers were given on a wide array of development-related topics.  Our panels were cross-listed in the program of the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development and we had audience participate from that association as a result.  The RC also held its second-annual dinner social, providing a good chance for cluster members to interact over an excellent Indian buffet.


At our RC meeting a number of hopes were discussed for the future of the Sociology of Development cluster, including, but not limited to:

  • Making greater efforts to ensure gender-balance in the future leadership/administration of the Cluster.
  • Attempting to collaborate more with RCs sharing similar interests (Feminist Approaches to Sociology, Rural Sociology, Political Sociology & Social Movements).
  • Attempting to collaborate more with other academic associations sharing similar interests (RCs of the International Sociology Association, the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development, the American Sociological Association Development Section, etc.).
  • Recognizing the work, not only of graduate students, but also of other researchers in situations of temporary/precarious employment.
  • Adding more members to the cluster by spreading word of the group through our colleagues, students, and collaborators.


The RC Meeting also saw the announcement of the winner of the inaugural Sociology of Development RC Graduate Student Paper prize, for best submitted paper presented at the conference by a cluster member.  The first winner of this prize is Mr. Amm Quamruzzaman from the Department of Sociology at McGill University for his paper “Economic Growth or Good Governance: What is More Important to Reduce Poverty and Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa?”.  Please join us in congratulating Amm on his award.  Thank you to all the students who submitted papers for consideration.  We hope more student members will submit their paper for next year’s meetings.


The RC Meeting saw the end of Andrew Dawson’s term as the inaugural coordinator of the cluster.  Thank you Andy for your leadership in the past year.

At the meeting, the following individuals volunteered to take on roles with the RC for the coming year:

  • Liam Swiss (Memorial University) – Cluster Coordinator
  • Hans Bakker (University of Guelph) – Member, Conference panel coordinating committee
  • Yasir Saeed (Memorial University) – Website administrator
  • Md Saidul Islam (Nanyang University) – Member, graduate student paper prize committee
  • Ethel Osazuwa (Western University) – Member, graduate student paper prize committee

Thanks to all who volunteered to play a role with the RC for the coming year.

***PLEASE NOTE*** We are still seeking additional volunteers for both the panel coordinating committee and the graduate student paper prize committee.  Neither committee requires a large commitment, so if you are interested, please contact lswiss(at)mun.ca.


A reminder that you can keep track of cluster business by visiting our space on the CSA website: http://www.csa-scs.ca/files/webapps/csapress/develop/

or by sending your development-related news, calls, and recent publications to our listserv at: CANDEVSOC(at)mun.ca

Thank you to everyone involved in making our meeting at Ottawa a success.  We look forward to more of the same next year in Calgary!

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