Productive CSA Conference for the Research Cluster!

Congress 2013 a Success! Open Meeting Update…

Congress 2013 was productive for the Environmental Research Cluster. Sessions were well-attended, the presentations elicited engaging debate, and the Open Meeting attracted 14 participants. Here is a quick overview of what was discussed and some of the new initiatives that were taken on by members at the Open Meeting. Congress 2014 at Brock promises to be even more interesting for our epistemic community as the research cluster grows! Special thanks to everyone who attended and who shared their enthusiasm and outstanding ideas to develop the cluster.

Discussions at the Open Meeting included the following questions:

  • How can we better communicate about the research cluster and its activities?
  • How can we do a better job of recruiting new graduate students?
  • How can we better organize for more effective interaction among members of the research cluster?

Research cluster members graciously accepted to take the lead for the following activities. Your input and support is welcome to help with the new initiatives.

  • Siobhan Ashe will look into organizing a high profile research cluster keynote speech for Congress 2014.
  • Ken Caine will look into setting-up a new Environmental Research Cluster Student Paper Award for Congress 2014.
  • Petra Hroch will organize a social even for all cluster members at Congress 2014. Given it is in the Niagara wine region… you can probably guess the theme.
  • In fall 2013, Mark Stoddart will follow-up with all cluster members to look into creating social networking listings (including Twitter and, and possibly generate a syllabi listing for environmental sociology courses that we can post on our website.

See you at Congress 2014!

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