Sociology of Organizations Research Cluster

The Sociology of Organizations research cluster is looking to connect scholars in Canada working within the subfield of organizational sociology/studies. The research cluster will serve as an institutional base within the CSA for this growing area of research. It will do so by helping to co-ordinate Sociology of Organizations sessions at the annual meeting of the CSA and developing a community of organizational researchers. The cluster will aim to establish an online forum to showcase ongoing organizational research within Canada and allow researchers to discuss emerging trends and topics within the subfield. We hope that this cluster will facilitate the advancement of organizational sociology within Canada.

We will be having a inagural research cluster meeting at Congress 2014 in St. Catherines. The date and time of which is T.B.A

In the meantime, interested faculty, students, and independent scholars can email Nikki-Marie Brown ( or Roger Pizarro Milian (; include “CSA Organization Cluster” in the subject line to join the listserv. We welcome your input into the research cluster’s future.

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