Greetings from 2013-2014 CSA Student Concerns Subcommittee!

Who are we?

The Student Concerns Subcommittee consists of three student representatives from across Canada, including a Western representative, a Central representative, and an Eastern representative. Each representative is elected, along with all the members of the executive at the Annual General Meeting held in conjunction with the CSA Annual Conference. Together, this committee represents over 400 graduate student (Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students/candidates) members of the CSA.

Our mandate is to:

  1. Stimulate and facilitate communication among students year-round;
  2. Act as a voice for sociology students from Western, Central and Eastern Canada;
  3. Increase the visibility of sociology students organization-wide;
  4. Provide a venue for the dissemination of student-relevant sociological information at the CSA Annual Conference; and,
  5. Attend annual CSA Conferences.