Student Subcommittee

CSA’s Student Subcommittee (2013-2014):

Elected Chair – Elected Member Representing Western Canada (2013-2015), also part of CSA Executive Committee Katie MacDonald, University of Alberta

katie.macdonaldKatie MacDonald is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta in the Sociology department. Her research interests include volunteer abroad in Nicaragua, transnational feminist theory, and qualitative research methodologies. She did her undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB and has an Interdisciplinary Masters and a Masters of Education, both from York University. Katie is passionate about teaching and learning. As a member for the student concerns sub-committee Katie would like to encourage emphasis not only on practical advice, but also on pedagogy, the status of the university and ideas about community and collaboration.

Appointed Member Representing Eastern Canada (January 23-May 28, 2014)
Due to a resignation in this position, Sinziana Chira was appointed by the Nomination Committee to fill the role until the 2014 elections.

Sinziana is a Sociologist concerned with matters of global education and a researcher in the field of international education migration in Canada. After completing her BA in Integrated Social Sciences in Bremen Germany, she joined Dalhousie’s Sociology and Social Anthropology Department for her MA. She is now nearing the completion of her PhD in Sociology at Dalhousie University, working towards situating international students within transnational migration literatures. She has published on contentions between transnational agency and institutional practices that shape student experiences. In the past four years she has taught in her department and worked towards the development and implementation of the Study for Success Program and the Certificate in Intercultural Communication, both initiatives open to all Dalhousie students. In her many roles, she remains dedicated to the critical enhancement of the student experience.

Elected Member Representing Central Canada (2012-2014) Aline Coutinho, University of Ottawa

Aline CoutinoAline Coutinho is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Ottawa. Her main interests are economic sociology, economic anthropology, political economy, identity construction and, most lately, globalization studies. She has published on media and politics (with emphasis on political scandals), Critical Realism and piracy.

Past Subcommitee Chairs

  • Jamie Baker (Eastern Student Rep, Memorial Univerity) 2012/13
  • Jamie Baker (Eastern Student Rep, Memorial Univerity) 2010/12
  • Stella Park (Central Student Rep, University of Toronto) 2009/10
  • Stella Park (Central Student Rep, University of Toronto) 2008/09
  • Stella Park (Central Student Rep, University of Toronto) 2007/08
  • Kelly Greenfield (Eastern Student Rep, Memorial University)