Student Subcommittee

CSA’s Student Subcommittee (2014-2015):

Elected Chair – Elected Member Representing Western Canada (2013-2015), also part of CSA Executive Committee Katie MacDonald, University of Alberta

katie.macdonaldKatie MacDonald is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta in the Sociology department. Her research interests include volunteer abroad in Nicaragua, transnational feminist theory, and qualitative research methodologies. She did her undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB and has an Interdisciplinary Masters and a Masters of Education, both from York University. Katie is passionate about teaching and learning. As a member for the student concerns sub-committee Katie would like to encourage emphasis not only on practical advice, but also on pedagogy, the status of the university and ideas about community and collaboration.

Elected Member Representing Eastern Canada (2014-2016)
Laura WiLauraWintersnters, University of New Brunswick





Elected Member Representing Central Canada (2014-2016)
Louise BBLouise Birdsell Bauer, University of Toronto

Louise Birdsell Bauer is a PhD Candidate in the Sociology at the University of Toronto. Louise researches academic restructuring in universities and the synthesis of labour market segmentation and boundary work theories. In addition to this thesis research, she is researching caregiving and union attitudes with Cynthia Cranford. The common thread in her current research is the differential impact of particular institutional arrangements on workers’ experiences, attitudes and lives.

Past Subcommitee Chairs

  • Katie MacDonald (Western Student Rep, University of Alberta) 2013/15
  • Jamie Baker (Eastern Student Rep, Memorial Univerity) 2012/13
  • Jamie Baker (Eastern Student Rep, Memorial Univerity) 2010/12
  • Stella Park (Central Student Rep, University of Toronto) 2009/10
  • Stella Park (Central Student Rep, University of Toronto) 2008/09
  • Stella Park (Central Student Rep, University of Toronto) 2007/08
  • Kelly Greenfield (Eastern Student Rep, Memorial University)