Global Dialogue 8.1 Highlights World Congress

Apr 9 2018

The latest issue of the ISA's Global Dialogue highlights the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology with articles from Canadian Scholoars.

Power, Violence, and Justice
by Margaret Abraham, USA, ISA President
Canadian Sociology and the World Congress
by Rima Wilkes, Canada, CSA President
An Opportunity to Commit Sociology, Together, in Canada
by Patrizia Albanese, Canada, World Congress LOC Chair
Canadian Universities, Between Domesticity and Globality
by François Lachapelle and Patrick John Burnett, Canada
The Effects of Student Debt on New Canadian Graduates
by Mitchell McIvor, Canada
Becoming a Citizen Scientist
by Mickey Vallee, Canada
Identity Work and Political Leaders in Canada
by Elise Maiolino, Canada
Do Immigrants Gain Trust in High Trust Canada?
by Cary Wu, Canada


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