2017 Election Results

Apr 21 2017

The 2017 election results are below.  The appointments will be ratifed by the membership during the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 1 at Ryerson University, Kerr Hall East, KHE 127.

Newly Elected Executive and Subcommittee Members (2017-2020)

President Elect: Dr. Myrna Dawson, University of Guelph

Equity Subcommittee: Dr. Jeffrey Denis, McMaster University

Policy, Ethics and Professional Concerns Subcommittee: Dr. Fiona Nelson, University of Calgary

Research Advisory Subcommittee: Dr. Allyson Stokes, University of Waterloo

Student Concerns Subcommittee (2017-2019): Jennifer Adkins, University of British Columbia


John Porter Committee Members (2017-2020)

Dr. Nahla Abdo, Carleton University

Dr. Daniel Beland, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Vic Satzewich, McMaster University


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