Parliamentary Petition in support of Hassan Diab

May 18 2017

The Canadian Sociological Association, would like to share a Parliamentary Petition in support of Hassan Diab. He is a sociologist who worked at Carleton University and is Canadian citizen who was extradited to France in 2014 on charges related to an incident in the 1980s. Since his extradition he has been ordered released on bail six times within the past year by the investigating judges of his case, but each time the French Court of Appeal quashed the release order. The petition asks for his immediate granting of bail and securing his return to Canada.

An open letter to Howard Ramos (President of the Canadian Sociological Association) from Robert Brym (Dated May 19, 2017)

Response to open letter from Robert Brym (Dated May 23, 2017)


Canadian Sociological Association Advocacy Policy

Approved by the CSA Executive Committee on January 24, 2014

The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) is a professional association that promotes research, publication and teaching in Sociology in Canada. Its membership is incredibly diverse, however, they are united by the fact that they work in sociology. The CSA will refrain from adopting an advocacy role on social or political issues that do not directly impact the working conditions of Sociologists in Canada in order to respect the diverse political views of our membership. The CSA Executive may occasionally adopt an advocacy role on issues that directly impact the working conditions of Sociologists in Canada, in relation to their teaching, research and other scholarly activities.


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