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Congress 2015


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Message from the President

CSA-SCS President 2014-2015
Dr. Linda Gerber


It's an exciting time to be involved in the CSA!


Many of you have recently returned home from our 2014 Annual Conference at Brock University, the largest ever, where over 650 of your colleagues participated in more than 190 sessions including 13 keynote panels and special lectures. Most of our 21 research clusters had networking meetings and many of them organized sessions and panels around their common interests. At the Awards Banquet, we honoured the recipients of numerous awards including: the John Porter Book Award, the Outstanding Contribution Award, the Angus Reid Applied Sociology Award, the Best Student Paper Award, the Canadian Review of Sociology Journal Best Article Award, the Early Investigator Award and the Outstanding Service Award (check out Research Clusters and Awards on our home page for the details). Of course, there was the Wine and Beer Garden -- otherwise known as the "beer tent" . . . .


The CSA grew from 820 members in 2012 to 957 in 2014, in part because of the energy generated by our research clusters. The breakdown of our membership in 2013 included: 46 percent employed in academe (sessional instructors through retired professors); 47 percent students (undergraduate to postdoctoral fellows); and another 7 percent claiming "other" employment -- apparently within colleges or universities (4%) and beyond the walls of academe (3%). It is among the 7 percent with "other" employment that we find applied sociologists or practitioners. Believing that academics and applied sociologists (in government, the private sector, the media, and various NGOs) have a great deal to offer each other, we are making a concerted effort to reach the latter wherever they are employed. To the extent that we succeed, academic and non-academic sociologists will be "committing sociology" together as members of the CSA.


Are you going to Japan in July for the ISA World Congress? If so, please let us know. We are aware of a dozen or more members of the CSA who will be there -- including Patrizia Albanese, who has taken up the torch (i.e. responsibility) in the run-up to 2018. We will have a booth, in Yokohama, promoting the 2018 World Congress in Toronto and would welcome anyone who can volunteer to cover the booth for an hour or so (with representatives from Tourism Toronto).


Before we know it, the CSA will be gearing up for its 2015 Annual Conference at the University of Ottawa. Start thinking about organizing sessions or panels, presenting papers, and nominating candidates for our awards, so that we can make the 2015 conference in Ottawa bigger, better, and more exciting than ever.


List of past association Presidents