Aug 232013

Next year will mark the 50th year of publication of the Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie (originally published as the Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology/).

To mark this significant anniversary, Reza Nahkaie, the journal’s editor in 2012-13, arranged the publication of a special issue. The edition features articles on several significant thematic areas within Canadian sociology by some of Canada’s leading sociologists, including an overview of the journal and its role in the development of the discipline in Canada written by William Carroll, the guest editor of the special edition. Other articles highlight feminist political economy approaches to the analysis of skills (Pat Armstrong), the intersections of bodies and cultures in the parenting and care roles (Andrea Doucet), and emerging foci over time in the analysis of class and ethnicity/race within the journal (Tom Langford and Howard Ramos, respectively), along with an investigation of prospects for Canadian-trained Ph.D. graduates in the discipline’s academic labour market (Lori Wilkinson, Janine Bramadat, Rachel Doynchuk, and Zoe T. St. Aubin). 

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