Sep 262016

1.  New thematic issues
Please note that starting with the number of February 2017, the Canadian Review of Sociology will look a little bit different. In addition to the publication of the usual texts (unsolicitated articles and Committing Sociology), we will start the publication of thematic issues on important sociological topics. In the following table, you will find the list of these coming thematic issues.

Themes Thematic editors Dates of submissions Dates of publication
Environmental sociology (54:1) Francois Depelteau Closed 15 Feb 2017
Brazilian sociology (54:2) Mariana M. Chaguri 1 Dec 2016 16 May 2017
The relevance of sociology (54:3) Francois Depelteau 1 March 2017 11 August 2017
Moralization of sociology (54:4) P. Gorski and F. Vanderberghe 1 June 2017 10 Nov 2017
Sexual violence (55:1) Tatiana S. Landini 1 Sept 2017 Feb 2018
Visual sociology (55:2) Andrea Doucet 1 Dec 2017 May 2018
Social theory and democracy (55:3) P. Gorski 1 March 2018 August 2018
Sociology of professions (55:4) T. Adams and S. Liu I June 2018 Nov 2018
Social Inequalities (56:1) E. Grabb and G. Veenstra 1 Sept 2018 Feb 2019
Violence and society (56:2) M. Dawson 1 Dec 2018 May 2019


The main goals of this initiative are the following:
·       Increasing the number of submissions from Canada and elsewhere.
·       Publication of top quality articles from Canada and elsewhere, written by established and promising sociologists.
·       Increasing the number of readers and citations.
·       Stimulating constructive discussions on important issues related to contemporary sociology and the complex world in which we live.

Please note that we will continue to publish unsolicited articles. The journal will be divided in three sections:
·       Thematic issues (3 to 4 articles)
·       Unsolicited articles (1 or 2 articles)
·       Committing Sociology

**Keep sending us your articles as submissions for publication even if it is not related to any thematic issue.**


2.  Editorial orientation

As the new editor of the journal, I would like to propose an open journal which can stimulate discussions on important topics, as explained before. By “open journal”, I mean the evaluation of the submissions will not be determined or influenced by any theoretical or methodological orientation. I guess it was the policy of my predecessor. We will welcome any theoretical approach, from E. Durkheim’s to B. Latour’s theory. So-called “theoretical” discussions are also welcome. The same is true about researches based on quantitative and qualitative methods. Our goal is to stimulate productive discussions rather than pushing for one type of sociology or another. In this respect, we will do our very best to based our decisions on the quality of the texts and not any paradigmatic preference.

Cette revue est bilingue et les textes en français sont plus que bienvenus.


Yours faithfully,

François Dépelteau (Laurentian University, Canada)

Editor-in-chief, Canadian Review of Sociology