Aug 152017

A Message from the Editor

This year the journal of the Canadian Sociological Association (the Canadian Review of Sociology) sets its sights on provoking fresh discussion between sociologists on our most pressing concerns, presented in thematic issues.

Here you will find a bounty of salient reads from some of today’s most esteemed sociologists. A thematic issue on environmental sociology was published in February 2017 with articles from G. Bowden, D. Curran, D. Dunford and J. Hannigan. In the August 2017 issue, we explore the relevance of sociology with articles from R. Connell, B. Lahire and O. Pyyhtinen. In November 2017, the thematic issue will be on the moralization of sociology with articles from M. Betta and R. Swedberg, S. Fuchs, P. Gorski, A. Rawls, A. Sayer, and F. Vandenberghe. These thematic issues are completed with non-thematic articles and a section called ‘Committing Sociology.’

In the coming two years, other thematic issues will be published on Canadian sociology (February 2018), visual sociology (May 2018), democracy (August 2018), professions (November 2018) and violence (May 2019). We also welcome submissions of high quality articles on other topics.

We hope you’ll enjoy these issues, and invite you to share them with your colleagues and networks.


Best regards,

François Dépelteau