Apr 262019

Original Articles, Research Notes, and Committing Sociology pieces.

Original Articles:

Original articles present the results of empirical research into sociological phenomena, and/or develop new theoretical insights.  Typically 7,000-9,000 words in length (including any tables, references, and footnotes), these articles seek to advance sociological understanding by building on and extending existing sociological research and theory.  Articles that combine empirical research — using qualitative, quantitative, historical, or other methodologies – with theoretical contributions are especially welcome.  Original articles are peer-reviewed.

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Research Notes:

Research notes are more concise contributions, usually 5,000 to 7,000 words in length. They typically take one of the following forms: (1) They present the findings of research in progress and reflect on methodological challenges, opportunities, and/or debates; (2) They present the findings of a small-scale study or review, and discuss its significance for our sociological understanding of a phenomenon, or future sociological research in the area; (3) They present empirical findings from a research endeavour to fill a gap in the literature, without a broader theoretical argument.  Research notes are also peer-reviewed.

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Committing Sociology

The Committing Sociology section of the journal publishes short, timely pieces, addressing current debates, social concerns, and recent events in sociology and its subfields. We encourage the following:

* Review essays of three or four books on a related topic

* Symposia consisting of a series of short articles discussing and debating emerging, central, or controversial issues in a specific sociological subfield. We are especially interested in symposia generated by the existing CSA research clusters.

* Other short pieces touching on controversies or emerging issues in the discipline.

Submissions can be made by individuals or groups (symposia, debates).  Committing Sociology submissions are not peer-reviewed.

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