Jun 042020

This table includes details of the 10 most-downloaded articles of 2019. The average number of downloads per article published in your journal in 2019 was 383. Across all journals that Wiley publishes in the same subject area, the average number of downloads per article was 269.

  1. Waite, S. & Denier, N. A Research Note on Canada’s LGBT Data Landscape: Where We Are and What the Future Holds (56:01) – 6,867 accesses
  2. Curran, D. The Treadmill of Production and the Positional Economy of Consumption (54:01) – 2,969 accesses
  3. Calnitsky, D. “More Normal than Welfare”: The Mincome Experiment, Stigma, and Community Experience (53:01) – 1,697 accesses
  4. Wilkins‐Laflamme, S. Islamophobia in Canada: Measuring the Realities of Negative Attitudes Toward Muslims and Religious Discrimination (55:01) – 1,593 accesses
  5. Adorjan, M. & Ricciardelli, R. A New Privacy Paradox? Youth Agentic Practices of Privacy Management Despite “Nothing to Hide” Online (56:01) – 1,070
  6. Silver, D. Theorizing Is a Practice, You Can Teach It (56:01) – 904 accesses
  7. Lavrence, C. & Lozanski, K. “This Is Not Your Practice Life”: lululemon and the Neoliberal Governance of Self (51:01) – 865 accesses
  8. Voyageur, C. Out in the Open: Elected Female Leadership in Canada’s First Nations Community (48:01) – 857
  9. Satzewich, V. Canadian Visa Officers and the Social Construction of “Real” Spousal Relationships (51:01) – 809 accesses
  10. Waterfield, B. et al. “You Always Remain Slightly an Outsider”: Workplace Experiences of Academics from Working‐Class or Impoverished Backgrounds (56:03) – 688 accesses