May 172021

Emily Milne and Terry Wotherspoon

Schools as ‘Really Dangerous Places’ for Indigenous Children and Youth: Schools, Child Welfare, and Contemporary Challenges to Reconciliation Volume 57, Number 1, pp. 34052

The awards committee agreed that the article has (quoting from adjudication members’ comments), “undeniable social relevance” and “brought new critical insights on the relationship between indigenous families and employees at euroCanadian/Western institutions.” The authors’ “use of Bourdieu’s fields to describe and analyze interactions and the unequal distribution of power and authority between schools, families, and social workers is quite original,” and their findings, “that two sets of institutions, [each] formally devoted to the best interests of clients, can undermine their shared goals, deserves more attention.”

Many thanks to the committee adjudicating this award:

Stephen Riggins, Memorial University
Leyla Sall, Université de Moncton
Rania Tfaily, Carleton University
Glenda Wall, University of Guelph
Karen Stanbridge (Chair)