Apr 272022

This table includes details of the 10 most-downloaded articles of 2021. The average number of downloads per article published in our journal in 2021 was 510. Across all journals that Wiley publishes in the same subject area, the average number of downloads per article was 486.

  1. Curran, D. The Treadmill of Production and the Positional Economy of Consumption (54:01) – 8,497 accesses
  2. Adorjan, M. & Ricciardelli, R. Smartphone and social media addiction: Exploring the perceptions and experiences of Canadian teenagers (58:01) – 7,819 accesses
  3. Shafer. K. et al. The Division of Domestic Labor before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada: Stagnation versus Shifts in Fathers’ Contributions (57:04) – 6,133 accesses
  4. Aurini, J. & Davies, S. COVID-19 school closures and educational achievement gaps in Canada: Lessons from Ontario summer learning research (58:02) – 3,288 accesses
  5. Choi, K. et al. Studying the social determinants of COVID-19 in a data vacuum (58:01) – 3,024 accesses
  6. St-Denis, X. Sociodemographic Determinants of Occupational Risks of Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada (57:03) – 2,741 accesses
  7. Oleschuk, M. Gender Equity Considerations for Tenure and Promotion during COVID-19 (57:03) – 2,692 accesses
  8. Milne, E. & Wotherspoon, T. Schools as “Really Dangerous Places” for Indigenous Children and Youth: Child Welfare and Contemporary Challenges to Reconciliation (57:01) – 1,961 accesses
  9. Calnitsky, D. “More Normal than Welfare”: The Mincome Experiment, Stigma, and Community Experience (53:01) – 1,862 accesses
  10. Wilkins‐Laflamme, S. Islamophobia in Canada: Measuring the Realities of Negative Attitudes Toward Muslims and Religious Discrimination (55:01) – 1,274 accesses